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About Us

The Pohnpei State Project Management Office (PNI-PMO) was established on May 9, 2016 when State Law No. 9L-06-16 was signed by Governor Peterson. The Project Manager was hired on October 1st and the office was fully staffed in the 2nd Quarter of FY2017. President Christian and the National Project Management Unit transferred the Pohnpei projects in February 2017 for PNI-PMO to administer.

Welcome to the Pohnpei State Project Management Office (PNI-PMO). This office is funded by the Amended Compact; therefore, it is dedicated to deliver Amended Compact Projects. The office is responsible for contract administration, which undertakes the procurement of Architectural-Engineering firms to develop the plans and specifications for Contractors use to construct infrastructure; primarily focusing on school buildings, health care facilities and water supply lines. The office monitors construction through completion of the project and ultimately the turn over to the Department of Education, Department of Health, or the Pohnpei Utilities Corporation.

The office is comprised of the PNI-PMO Manager, Project Managers, Resident Engineers, Registered Architect, Quality Assurance Representatives, and Administrative Staff including IT and Fiscal Officer. The PMO is an office within the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure (OTI) and report to the Administrator of OTI. Staff from OTI also work with the PMO staff in order to take part in the capacity building process for the State.

Each project is recommended by the State’s Infrastructure Planning Implementation Committee (IPIC) and approved by the Joint Economic Management Committee (JEMCO), representatives from both the US and FSM Governments. JEMCO is comprised of 3 members from the US Government and 2 members from the FSM National Government.