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Sekere to NMS Waterline

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Client ABCOR
Location Kitti, Pohnpei
Scope Of Work Pipeline, Tank

Project Detail

Project Scope Summary:

Project as was awarded to the Contractor was being designated with a given scope to generally begin the waterline installation from Point-A: (COM Campus Intersection) and extend to Point-B, (Diadi Village, Kitti).

Project was designed for the Contractor to carry out the following activities which are as follows:

  • Under-ground main waterline installations,
  • Fire hydrant fixtures installations,
  • Gate valve fixtures & Trust block installations,
  • Blow-off valves installation,
  • Install Pressure Relieve Valves (PRV)s,
  • Bridges and Culverts pipe crossing installations,
  • Stub-out installations, (Service laterals)
  • Pehleng Water Storage Tank Installation,
  • Main inlet and outlet waterline installations,


  • Water drain system installation,
  • Valve fixture installations,
  • Stub-out installations, (Service laterals)
  • Fire hydrant fixtures installations,
  • Stub-out installations,


Current Project Status as of March 31st, FY2021 Progress Report:

Project has recently been brought back to its normal routines insofar as progression is concerned. Contractor was able to proceed once again after a long wait due to series of changes brought to the table after it was awarded. To name a few of these unforeseen changes involving the following:

  • Relocation of the pipeline from its designated site to the opposite site of the roadway.
  • Changes in the pipe fittings involving changing of HDPE mechanical joint fittings on the waterline to flanged joint
  • Late execution of the contract causing contractor to experience inflated rates of the project materials
  • COVID-19 has also contributed a great factor to delay this project due to extended times to receive project materials at its designated
  • Pipe laying of the main waterline is substantially completed as of early March 2021. It is well underway with most of the required materials for this project being placed and substantially
  • The project overall is still progressing gradually due to other related activities as called
  • Approximately 100% of the pipeline is currently lay-down and buried under ground starting from COM Palikir Campus to Diadi Village, Kitti as of March,
  • Currently the main waterline installation has reached the end of the line at station 513+00.26 specifically at Diadi Village,
  • Contractor is simultaneously continuing with the execution of the following activities as they progress forward with the following:
    • Cross-stub outs installations,
    • The water storage tank site
    • Fire Hydrant Assembly
    • Stub-Out Connection installations,
    • Future Community Water Access Stub-out installations,
    • Inclusion of water service laterals for future residential hookups,

Current Project Status as of March 31st FY2021 Progress Report:

Contractor has generally executed the following activities involving as its normal daily routine activities per schedule.

  1. Pipeline laying activity inclusion of fusing works, main waterline valve installations, culverts and bridges pipe-rack crossing installation
  2. Future stub-out installations,
  3. Road shoulder restoration works,
  4. All other related miscellaneous works,

Contractor has recently completed the main pipe laying works as of early March 2021. Remaining activities required under this project is involving excavation of the water storage tank site foundation system in Pehleng area which is progressing well. Project is subsequently at approximately 87% complete to date.