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PICS Campus Improvements: New Math & Science Buildings

Location Nett, Pohnpei
Architect TG Engineering

Project Detail

Project Scope Summary:

The scope of the project is the design and construction of new prototype Social Studies and English buildings, handicap access ramp, associated parking, bus drop-off, access roads, and associated sidewalks and landscaping on the PICS Campus, Kolonia, Pohnpei. Buildings will be sited at the location of the existing Science and Social Studies buildings. Proposed facility originally included two, two-story structures with up to 24 classrooms total, connected by a covered walkway. Designer’s concept drawings now include two, two-story buildings with a covered atrium in-between with covered ground and second floor walkways connecting to the Math and Science buildings and a ground and floor walkway connecting the Math and Science buildings to the library classroom. Building construction to be reinforced concrete column and beam with reinforced CMU walls and steel roof.


Current Project Status as of March 31st, FY2021 Progress Report:

  • Designer’s annotated responses, drawings, specifications, design analysis, and cost estimate have been received by PNI-PMO for review prior to submittal to
  • Waiting letter from USACE recommending that the project is ready to proceed to construction.