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Pohnpei Primary Healthcare Facility

Location Nett, Pohnpei
Scope Of Work Building Construction
Architect Leo A Daly

Project Detail

Project Scope Summary:

  • The Primary Healthcare Facility consists of two (2) buildings with a total square footage of 13,308. Building 1 (8308 ft) houses public health and Building 2 (5,000 sq. ft) house dental and contagious health.
  • Due to Contract negotiations between the designer and the PMU at the start of the project, the Furnishing, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E) Schedule was removed from the designer’s
  • The designer’s request for additional fee to produce an FF&E schedule was denied. The FF&E schedule was then developed by the project manager and provided to the designer in order that the designer could continue their
  • Designer produced electrical and mechanical drawings on pre-concept backgrounds and furniture layout that had not been approved by owner. This work by the design is unacceptable and is not considered as progress by the
  • 95% percent drawings and specification have been received from LAD. Variances include:
  • No FF&E schedule included within the
  • Specification requires editing


Current Project Status as of December 31st, FY2020 Progress Report:

  • RFP have been completed and is currently being advertised in the papers locally including Guam and