P.O Box 2246
Kolonia, FM 96941
08:00 - 17:00
(691) 320-2572/3483

Pohnpei Substance Abuse and Mental Health Facility

Location Nett, Pohnpei
Scope Of Work Building Construction
Architect Prysm LLC

Project Detail

Project Scope Summary:

  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Facility is a single detached one-story building with approximately 11,250 sq. ft building
  • The facility will include parking areas, sally port, water and sewer connections, electrical, mechanical and communications


Current Project Status as of March 31st, FY2021 Progress Report:

  • USACE ITR has been
  • Written authorization received on December 20, 2020 moving the project forward into the construction
  • Pending RFP – Bidding for construction will require the completion of the Pohnpei Primary Healthcare Facility that currently sits on the designated site for the construction of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health